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Our company offers a wide variety of roofing services through our dedicated Roofing Division, The Roofing Pros of Westchester. From roof installation to roof repair and maintenance, we are here to help keep Westchester County roofs free from leaks and in top working order.

Our Roofing Services include:

We proudly offer our friends and neighbors comprehensive roofing installation and repair services. Our reputation speaks for itself. If you are looking for an expert Westchester County roofer for your roof replacement, repair, or roofing installation partner for new construction – look no further than my team!

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We offer Roofing Repair & Roof Replacement!

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    Think your roof needs repair?

    Have you noticed curling, peeling or missing shingles?

    Our team is ready to help. We’ll provide a free roof- inspection and create a repair plan.

    Give us a call at 914 447 0254 or request service online.

    Roofing Repair Services

    Our roofing experts can handle any roofing issue, big or small, from the impacts of a fallen tree to a bad wind storm. Our roofing team can provide a repair plan to fix your roof quickly and effectively.

    We use the best tools and materials available and are up to date on all factory-recommended practices and methods for lasting solutions.

    Contact us today a free roof inspection and experience the exceptional service we are known for.

    Roof Repair Services

    Whether a small leak or larger-scale roof damage, our roofing team can help assess the situation and design a repair plan to fix and replace any broken roofing components.

    Protect Your Westchester County Home with Timely Roof Repair

    In Westchester, NY, we see the best and the worst of the four seasons, and our roofs take the brunt of the assault. Be it the searing sun of the summer or the rapid freeze-thaw cycle of winter, our roofs are there,  creating a barrier between the elements and our loved ones. It sounds dramatic, but the job of the roof of a home cannot be understated.

    Our team uses advanced techniques and the latest technology to provide efficient and effective roof repair solutions, including:

    roofing repair westchester ny

    Signs Your Roof Needs to Be Repaired

    • Missing or damaged shingles.
    • Sagging or uneven roof.
    • Granules from shingles in the gutters.
    • Dark streaks on the roof or chimney.
    • Cracked or worn flashing.
    • Visible mold or moss growth.
    • Your roof’s age is (over 20 years).
    • Signs of water damage on ceilings or walls.

    roof replacement westchester ny

    Roof Replacement Westchester County, NY

    When it comes time to replace your roof, choosing the right partner can be as daunting as settling on the color and style. Finding a roofer in Westchester County is easy; it’s a crowded field, but many ‘local roofers’ aren’t local, and few have the health of your home at the center of their work.

    At The Roofing Pros of Westchester, we take your trust as the highest compliment and will do everything we can to give you the best performing, looking, and functioning roof possible at the best price.

    You can call on and trust our roof replacement team to guide you through the entire process. We specialize in various roofing types and styles popular in Westchester County, including asphalt, synthetic shakes, standing seam metal roofs, copper awnings, and other newer synthetic roofing material options.

    Roof Installation Westchester County, NY

    Contact my team for a free no-obligation roof inspection. Once we know the facts, we can make a plan to ensure your roof and home are safe and secure.
    Our professional roofers will inspect your home and assess if replacement or repairs are needed.

    We will do all we can to simplify the reroofing process by educating you at every step.

    From explaining your roofing material options like shingles, shapes and styles to understanding its parts. A roof is a working system, and each element plays a vital role in its overall performance.

    Roof Installation Westchester County NY

    The parts of a roof

    We hope to simplify the re-roofing process by educating you, our customers.

    From knowing your roofing material options like shingles and metal roofing to understanding its parts.

    Over the years, we have found most homeowners don’t know much about their roofs, let alone how best to care for them.

    Even with a newer roof, there are many advantages to performing roof care and roof maintenance. That starts with understanding how your roof works through its component structure, starting with the decking, underlayment, all the way up to its flashing, vents.

    westchester county roofing company

    Roof System Parts & Terms:

    • Drip Edge: An L-shaped metal strip installed along roof edges to direct water off and away from the house.
    • Felt/Underlayment: A sheet of asphalt-saturated material that works as a protective layer for the roof deck.
    • Roof Deck: The plywood or other material that the roofing material is attached to.
    • Sheathing (or Roof Deck): The plywood or oriented strand board surface to which roofing materials are applied.
    • Flashing: Pieces of metal used to seal intersections (valleys and joints) or projections (vents, chimneys) on a roof.
    • Leak Barrier: A fiberglass device installed on a roof where it’s most susceptible to leaks.
    • Ridge (or Ridge Cap): A layer of shingles is installed on the roof ridge to prevent leaks.
    • Ventilation: Vent openings that allow interior air to exit through the roof without letting moisture in.
    Our Customers
    • “George came out quickly when called and gave us some recommendations and an estimate. We were given an appointment quickly for installation and the gutters were up before we knew it. They were efficient, professional, and neat.”

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    • “George is a pleasure to work with, from estimate to job completion. His crew was courteous, professional, worked quickly and cleaned up behind them. I have already recommended George to a friend who also hired George. ”

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    • “It went perfect. They explained to me various options.They scheduled work with little wait time, arrived punctually, were very pleasant, worked very efficiently and gave me the type of gutter that was necessary for my location. Between the gutter education and the entire work experience I couldn't be more pleased.”

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